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diesel generator for sale

82KW Generator Trailer

  • John Deere Diesel Motor

  • Large Diesel Fuel Tank

  • Stock #63J










A generator can be used to create electricity for off grid applications and new construction work sites where power is no yet available. They can also provide emergency backup power during a troublesome power outage. They work just as good for a commercial application, as they do for residential needs. These generators are versatile in that they are trailer mounted and self contained with fuel tanks. They can easily be transported from a home or business to a farm where they can power a well or barn, then go out to work on a jobsite or even power a mobile business, such as a spray foam operation. 

I35 Equipment offers consignment generators in many KW sizes, so no matter your needs, you can rest assured you will have the power to keep the power going. It is always recommended that a professional electrician diagnose your specific needs and hook your electrical wiring up.

No matter your needs, we welcome you to share your goals with us so that we can best assist you in finding the machine that will help you accomplish them most efficiently and effectively.

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