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yellow john deere 250 d offroad 6x6 dumptruck

John Deere 250 D DumpTruck

  • 2012 Year Model

  • Runs & Operates Great

  • One Owner


Articulating Dump Trucks







An offroad dumptruck, also known as an end dump truck, articulated offroad dumptruck or off-highway truck, are often utilized on jobsites, mining operations and ranches for moving large amounts of soil, rock, aggregates and other materials. Articulating trucks pivot between the cab and dump bed, for tight turns.   

I35 Equipment offers used offroad dumptrucks for sale in many capacity sizes, so no matter your needs, you can rest assured you will have the weight carrying capability needed to keep get the job done.

No matter your needs, we welcome you to share your goals with us so that we can best assist you in finding the machine that will help you accomplish them most efficiently and effectively.

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John deere used offroad articulating dumptruck for sale
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