"What Is The Benefit Of Adding A Thumb?"

By adding a thumb, you are essentially adding another machine to your team.


Thumbs increase the value to your machine by adding the capability to efficiently pull out trees, as well as load, move & transfer large materials like rocks, logs & debris all while maintaining the machine's ability to dig.

14 x 40 excavator thumb

14x40" Hydraulic Thumb


  • Fits 12K-20K Lb Excavators

  • Weld On Ready



24x58" Manual Thumb


  • Fits 40K-50K Lb Excavators 

  • Weld On Ready



50" Hydraulic Thumb


  • Fits 32K-50K Lb Excavators 

  • Last One




10x35" Hydraulic Thumb


  • Fits Mini & Backhoe 

  • Weld On Ready



26x50" Manual Thumb


  • Fits 28K-45K Lb Excavators 

  • Weld On Ready



32x67" Manual Thumb


  • Fits 60K-100K Lb Excavators 

  • Heavy Duty Design



62" Hydraulic Thumb


  • Fits 50K-75K Lb Excavators 

  • Last One



Our thumbs are built with universal fit design for a variety of brands including John Deere, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Kobelco, Volvo, Hyundai, Bobcat & most others. They are manufactured to Heavy Duty Specs, Weld-On Ready & have Serrated Edges for better gripping. The proximity of the thumb is adjustable by moving the placement of the arm & pin. If the machine is being used to grab materials more often, the operator may choose to have the thumb angled closer in proximity to the bucket for less bucket swing. In the opposite situation where digging is more of a necessity than grabbing, the thumb can be pinned at a larger degree of angle away from the bucket, or even completely pinned against the stick or fully removed if it is not being required during a certain job. 

There are two different types of thumbs available: Manual & Hydraulic. A manual thumb is the more common, as well as less expensive option. The thumb is held in position using a pin & solid arm. The adjustment of the thumb to bucket angle is changed by unpinning the arm & allowing the arm to slide to the desired position, then being re-pinned. A hydraulic thumb requires the machine already be plumbed with auxiliary hydraulic lines & foot pedal or switch to control the thumb. A hydraulic cylinder allows for on the fly adjustment of the thumb's proximity to the bucket.

There are a few things required when deciding which size of thumb will fit on your trackhoe or backhoe. Thumbs are sized by length of the tines, also known as fingers, & the bracket length. A good estimate of size is based on the weight of your machine, however the most accurate way to choose the correct size of thumb is by measuring your stick width, as well as the distance between the teeth of the bucket to the stick when sitting at a 90 degree angle.