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used new tractor for sale

john deere 210 l ep landscape skip laoder tractor for sale cheap used

John Deere 210L EP Loader

  • Rear Box Blade & Ripper Teeth

  • Excellent Condition

  • 4x4


mahindra red tractor for sale cheap used new full cab 4x4 front loader

Mahindra 8090 PST Tractor

  • 91 Horsepower

  • Brand New Demo Unit

  • 4x4 / Front Loader / Full Cab


used famr tractor brush hogs rotary mowers for sale cheap

Brush Hogs & More

  • 85 Horsepower

  • Brand New Demo Unit

  • Frontier - John Deere Brush Hog

Thanks For Looking

red mahindra tractor for sale cheap used new

Mahindra 8100 PST Tractor

  • 100 Horsepower

  • Brand New Demo Unit

  • 4x4 / Full Cab


blue new holland farm tractors for sale used







A tractor is a fantastic tool for farmers, land owners & commercial workers alike. They are versatile enough to be used for mowing, clearing snow, moving dirt, smoothing roads, towing sprayers & so much more. It can be utilized for a variety of tasks by hooking up an attachment to the PTO (Power Take Off) on the rear, such as a brush hog for mowing. Also, they can be up-fitted with a loader on the front, if desired. 

I35 Equipment offers a variety of new & used tractors for sale, so no matter your needs, you can be certain you will have the capability needed to keep get the job done.

No matter your needs, we welcome you to share your goals with us so that we can best assist you in finding the farm tractor, new or used, that will help you accomplish them most efficiently and effectively.

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