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cheap komatsu 140 backhoe loader for sale

Komatsu WB140-2 Backhoe

  • 4x4

  • Air Conditioning

  • Includes Thumb


JCB 3CX Backlhoe Loader Used For Sale cheap

JCB 3CX Backhoe

  • 4x4

  • Runs & Operates Excellent

  • Factory HVAC


volvo bl70 backhoe loader

Volvo BL70 Backhoe

  • 4x4

  • Extend-A-Hoe

  • Factory HVAC









A backhoe is one of the most versatile and popular machines on the farm, ranch or construction site. It can be put to work loading trucks & trailers with the front loader or used for digging and trenching with the backhoe.

I35 Equipment offers consignment backhoe loaders in all size classes. They are easy to transport from jobsite to jobsite, can be driven around the ranch & can fit into tighter locations than larger machines. Some backhoes have an extendable dipper option, also know as the extendahoe, which allows the backhoe stick to be hydraulically extended with just a push of a foot pedal, for deeper digging & a longer reach. When outfitted with a thumb, the backhoe becomes a great tool for efficiently sorting scrap, pulling trees & demolition work. 

No matter your needs, we welcome you to share your goals with us so that we can best assist you in finding the machine that will help you accomplish them most efficiently and effectively.

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used backhoe loader for sale
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